Episode 40 - Theory of an Orange Man

May 12, 2017

It's a Friday edition of JAWGPOD! Nicki is in the co host chair and we have a lot to discuss. It's current events and a lot of stuff you might hate but this is sometimes my theapy session so you will have to just deal. I am also pleased to share with all of you my theory as to what is really going on with President Trump. I think you will all agree it is a doozie. Please like, share, rate, comment, follow and do all those things that are going to stroke my ego a little bit. ENJOY!


Episode 39 - Another Brown College Legend

May 2, 2017

On this MAY DAY edition of JAWGPOD I am joined by the afternoon drive time host at Z93 in La Crosse Wisconsin and a classmate of mine at Brown College, Jesse Skelley. We went through radio school together and still enjoy paying off those student loans. We talk our college days, what led Jesse to radio, and his currrent career. It was a fun chat I know you will enjoy. Follow Jesse on Twitter @Z93Jesse!