Episode 13 - Unlucky Thirteen Superbowl Edition

February 8, 2015

Well JAWGERZ this is going to be less upbeat then my usual podcasts. It negativity city as I delve deep into the sorrow of my Seattle Seahawks failing to repeat as NFL World Champions. Hopefully you will enjoy some of the laughs of this megapod as I am joined by not one, not two, but three guests! We visit with my mom Roxane for a little sample of the two part podcast that will be coming up in Episode 14 and 15. One of my closest friends in the world and fellow Minnesota Wild fan Matthew Hutchins joins to talk Superbowl and hockey. Last but not least my cousin Andrew Gates joins to talk Seahawks and his budding BBQ business. Remember to follow the show on twitter and send questions to the podcast email JAWGPOD@gmail.com. Enjoy but don't injury yourselves!


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